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Thaiger Pharma Pronorm 100mg 10 Amp


Testosterone Propionate that has high androgenic effects you can attain rapidly muscle development, power gain and sexual health. This steroid is very faster than Testo Enanthate and Cypionate. Because it has got active life for 2-3 days. You can inject this product every day, the blood levels of the hormone remain at normal proportion. And also it has a short half life, it can be deleted in a very short time from the body. 

When you think a steroid which makes muscle quickly in a short time your choice must be Testosterone Propionate. This anabolic steroid is in the first place of the bodybuilders. Testo-P has very few side effects and magnification results. It doesn't damage the liver very much. According to Cypionate and Enanthate it has very low water retention.

Testosteron Propionate Dosage: 200-600mg daily. Inject every day or every other day.

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