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Golden Eagle Anavar Oxandrolone 50 tablets 15 mg

Golden Eagle Anavar Oxandrolone 50 tablets 15 mg
Golden Eagle Anavar Oxandrolone 50 tablets 15 mg
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Increase muscle hardness and relief. Most often, the steroid is used for this. Bodybuilders at drying courses with oxandrolone obtain high-quality and relief muscle mass without fluid accumulation. Increase of power indicators. Steroid Anavar is often used by boxers, athletes, skiers and representatives of sports with weight categories. Increase in growth hormone levels. Burning of fat deposits. I must say that taking oxandrolone is almost the best solution for women. The low probability and severity of negative reactions (high anabolic index) indicate the exceptional safety of the anawar.

Steroid Profile

Anabolic exposure - 400% of testosterone.

Androgenic exposure - 25% of testosterone.

No conversion to estrogens (aromatization).

Liver exposure is weak/moderate.

Release Form - Tablets.

The validity period is up to 12 hours.

Doping detection time is up to one and a half months.

Administration and Dosage

Taking an anawar solo is recommended to improve muscle relief. Gaining weight with this steroid is extremely inefficient and very costly from a financial point of view. The drug shows the best results on athletes with an average content of adipose tissue and sufficient muscle mass. The course of oxandrolone solo lasts 6-8 weeks, while the daily dosage is 20-80 milligrams. Such wide boundaries are due to individual differentiation.

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