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What are SARMs?

It’s easier to pronounce it when you break down the acronym, SARMs are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators which are therapeutic compounds used to have anabolic steroid-like androgen properties. SARMs in many cases used as performance enhancement drugs but originally were developed to treat medical diseases. Chemically, an individual SARM has a selective receptor activation time which makes it safer than steroids. It’s because SARMs usually interact with selective receptors that make it outcast the side effects of anabolic steroids i.e. liver toxicity, testicular shrinkage, aggression, and gynecomastia. How to get a bulky muscle mass using SARMs is still an ongoing study but many bodybuilders already used them and got greater results. 

Are SARMs Steroids?

Anabolic steroids do work on the entire body, making many body organs involved with their androgen activities. Whereas, SARM’s mechanism of action is only limited to the muscle and fat. The androgen receptors activated by the SARMs are mostly involved with muscle recovery and bone strengthening which is why they are recommended in osteoporosis and muscle wasting disease. SARMs also take the main part in the stimulation of testosterone hormone which makes you more masculine and improves the body strength levels. The best types of SARMs available online emphasis on making denser muscles and usually comes with mild-acting ingredient than most anabolic steroids. You would also get side effects of steroids from using SARMs that are aggression, kidney failure, mood swings, and excessive hair growth.

Sarms Varieties

MK-677 Ibutamoren – For Boost Human Growth Hormone

GW-501516 Cardarine – Best SARMs for Weight Loss

AD-140 Testolone – Best SARMs for Bulky Mass and Strength

MK-2866 Ostarine – Best SARM for Lean Mass Growth

LGD-4033 Ligandrol – Best SARM for Performance

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