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Roaccutane 20 mg 30 Tablets

Roaccutane 20 mg 30 Tablets
Roaccutane 20 mg 30 Tablets
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Acne or pimples or rashes on the skin are always unwelcome. However, it is no easy to get rid of the problems. Accutane, a form of Vitamin A, helps to reduce the spots on the skin by reducing the oil secreting from the oil glands. Basically the steroid is use to treat a form of severe nodular acne.

Roaccutane capsules have active isotretinoin. This isotretiotin belongs to a group of medicines, rentinoids derivatives of vitamin A. These medicines block oil-glands so that secretion of oil does not create troubles.

How to use: Excess sebum production from over-active sebaceous gland causes acne. Sebaceous glands prevent the oil to flow freely but being covered by sebum they cannot do the task properly. This condition is actually perfect for bacteria formation and therefore bacteria keeps growing over the skin resulting acne. By decreasing the activities of sebaceous glands isotretinoin keeps the skin safe and secure. However, it has been noticed that in the beginning isotretinotin may worsen the skin condition but eventually it would improve after a few days of treatment.

Usages of the medicine: It would be better to take the medicine twice in a day but if the doctor prescribes to increase the dosage on specific conditions, the patients follow the suggestions accordingly. If a patient forgets or miss a dosage once, it would be better to take it as soon as possible, or to leave if the next period of taking the dosage comes nearer.

Negative effects: Isotretinotin is known for causing birth defects. Therefore women who have planned to conceive should use prevention or contraceptives during the time of taking these pills. However, it has not been effective for men so far. Blood donation during the time of taking this medicine is strictly prohibited. Diabetic patients or nephropathy patients as well as patients dealing with mental depression or illness should not take the medicine.

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