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Pregnyl 1500 iu 3 ampoules

Pregnyl 1500 iu 3 ampoules
Pregnyl 1500 iu 3 ampoules
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Pregnyl 1500 iu 3 ampoules (Post Cycle Therapy)

Pregnyl is not a steroid. It is a natural human fertilizer obtained from the urine of pregnant women. It allows men's testicles to produce more testosterone.

Excessive use of testosterone by athletes stops the normal production of its own by the body. Pregnyl, on the other hand, works the testes by increasing the level of male hormone in the body by helping this production. It acts very quickly, bringing the Testosterone level to the original balance of the body. That is why it is necessary for long-term and high-dose steroid use so that the testicles do not stop working and there is no loss of masculinity.

Because of the steroids that are given to the body in excess from the outside, the pituitary gland, which handles hormones, signals the cessation of normal production in the testes to balance the increase in male hormone in the body. Pregnyl, on the other hand, quickly raises the level of testosterone in the body. Both externally and the height of your own hormone level increases the effect of your cure.

Pregnyl increases androgen levels by 400% in men. This is a very big level. In one way, it protects the male organ, as well as increases the area of action of steroids. With it, the level of estrogen also rises naturally.

Usage: Professional athletes inject 500 iu every day, completing 5000 iu in 19 days.

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