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Boldenone is the steroid preferred by bodybuilders who want to gain permanent muscle. An important feature of boldenone is that it stimulates appetite. In this way, it helps to increase muscle mass.

Another feature of boldenone is that it carries oxygen to the cells. The duration of use of Boldenone is very important. It should be used for at least 12 weeks to gain permanent muscle mass. It is a steroid with few side effects. You can use boldenone to get permanent muscle mass. Boldenone combines very well with testosterone enanthate or cypionate. You can use dianabol and mesterelone alongside.

Boldenone Usage: It is sufficient to use 300-400 mg per week on average. The drug should be injected once a week. The dose of the drug varies in men and women. 400 mg per week for men, 100-150 mg per week for women is sufficient and is usually used at these doses.

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