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Odin Anabolics  Injectable anabolic steroids are drugs that are similar in their action to the action of the male sex hormones; testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. By accelerating protein synthesis, they stimulate muscle growth (anabolism). They are used by many athletes, both men and women. In general, the action of such agents can be divided into two directions; anabolic activity and androgenic activity. In our online store you will find a large selection of various long-acting injectable anabolic steroids that can be ordered inexpensively without intermediaries.

 Odin Anabolics steroids

Such drugs include long-acting pharmacology, which is used in the form of injections administered intramuscularly. It is worth noting that they can be injected exclusively into the muscle, since an injection into a vein can lead to serious complications, and intramuscular injection prevents the passage of the drug through the liver. Injections are usually done in the buttocks, deltas, or thighs, because it is in these places that there are large muscles with a small number of vessels.

 Odin Anabolics Benefits of injectable steroid courses

First of all, they are not dangerous for the liver, because when the solution is injected into the muscle, it begins to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. These drugs work much faster because the dose is injected directly into the bloodstream. They are distinguished by their injections and the duration of action. Their chemistry does not dissolve in water - it dissolves only in oil, which helps to create a kind of (depot) in the body. This delays the effect, which means that injections can be done less often, because the release of the drug from the injection site and entering the bloodstream occurs slowly (within days and weeks), which allows you to create a constant level of activity of the desired drug.

 Odin Anabolics injectable steroids

Before you buy injectable steroids at, you should know that we can give you advice on the use of these or other pharmacological agents. The injectable steroids for sale online in our shop are produced by various trusted manufacturers, in different volumes and forms. Having decided on the choice for you, simply add the product to the cart then wait for the confirmation and delivery will be on its way to the UK.

Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00152
Boldenone equipoise is a bulking drug used by bodybuilders. It pairs well with testosterone. Do not neglect to use mesterelone during the cycle...
Ex Tax:$90.00
Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00153
Masteron enanthate is used by bodybuilders in their bulking cycles. You do not need to use an anti-estrogen while using Masteron...
Ex Tax:$110.00
Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00163
Buy Masteron DrostanoloneMasteron propionate is used by bodybuilders in their trimming cycles. It gives the body a tough look. You do not need to use any anti-estrogens together. It combines very well with trenbolone and testosterone propionate. Please use milk thistle together...
Ex Tax:$100.00
Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00165
-Drostanolone Propionate 100mg-Testosterone Acetate 120mg-Trenbolone Acetate 100mg..
Ex Tax:$120.00
Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00164
-Drostanolone Propionate 100mg-Testosterone Cypionate 200mg-Trenbolone Acetate 100mgWith Odin anabolics mega mass you can achieve a defined body. High sexual desire and increase in strength are just some of the benefits this cycle will bring to you. It contains testosterone cypionate, trenbolone ace..
Ex Tax:$120.00
Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00166
-Testosterone Decanoate 90mg-Testosterone Cypionate 150mg-Testosterone Isocaproate 75mg-Testosterone Phenylpropionate 75mg-Testosterone Propionate 60mg-Testosterone Acetate 50mg..
Ex Tax:$140.00
Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00151
Nandrolone is a bulking drug used by bodybuilders. It pairs well with testosterone. Be sure to use Cabergoline and Mesterelone during your cycle...
Ex Tax:$85.00
Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00167
Odin anabolics parabolan is a long-acting steroid. Injections are made once a week. Parabolan has an anabolic androgenic value five times greater than testosterone. It has a strong fat burning property. It can be a bit irritating...
Ex Tax:$150.00
Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00168
Primobolan is one of the most harmless steroids. Primobolan is used in medicine in newborn babies, in cases where muscle loss occurs with aging. Primobolan is used by bodybuilders to gain muscle and increase performance. It is also one of the most preferred steroids by women.Effects of Primobolan;In..
Ex Tax:$160.00
Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00169
Odin anabolics sustanon is a type of long-acting testosterone. Sustanon is preferably used in bulking cycles. It increases physical strength and sexual desire. Sustanon is often used by bodybuilders...
Ex Tax:$90.00
Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00170
Odin anabolics testosteronee acetate is a short-estered form of testosterone...
Ex Tax:$90.00
Brand: Odin Anabolics Model: ST-00171
Odin anabolics testosterone cypionate is the type of steroid most preferred by American bodybuilders. Testosterone cypionate increases physical strength. It can be used in both bulking and cutting cycles. It increases sexual desire. Injections are made once a week...
Ex Tax:$95.00
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