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Hello, my name is August. I have been shipping steroids to many countries around the world for the past five years. I think people need exercise first and then steroids to keep their bodies active. I also exercise and use steroids. I think steroids are beneficial to people when used correctly and adequately. I ship steroids to every country in the world and I guarantee delivery. You can ask me anything about steroids and fitness. Shall we work together?

There's no minimum at UGFREAK

No matter the size of your order or the location of delivery, your order will be sent by the price of $25 for the shipment.

Our team works in high speed and are able to deliver packages in 3-10 days. The T/A starts from the day the package ships according to tracking number or our tracking message. Our success rate is very high and we guarantee a delivery.

Yes. We offer tracking numbers for all of the packages being shipped. The scan updates for tracking may be late or the tracking may not give day-to-day updates. That doesn't mean package isn't moving. Tracking numbers comes typically 2 days after package has been shipped.

The whole process is very smooth and fast. Once you submit your order, you will automatically receive information for your payment. We expect the payment within 48 hours and instructions to be followed - the timing depends on yourself for this part. Once payment has been sent and confirmed by us, we will quickly prepare your package and usually have it out within 2 days. It may occur that we have to send out US domestic express orders after 3-4 days, due to high volume of shipments. The estimated time for dropping off a package for shipping, is only an exception if your order is to be prepared close to the weekends (or holidays), in which we don't ship orders.