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For you order you can pay online safely, we do not accept money transfers 

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We are 100% REAL and trusted online steroids source and we take our business seriously and professional. 

After you place order with us you will receive payment instructions on your email!

We offer  Shipping Insurance!

If you decide to pay insurance at checkout (+10% of total amount of your order) We will RE-SHIP your order for tottaly FREE!

(Which means if for some unknown reason your package got lost or damaged we will take care of that and asap re-ship your order!)

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We ship orders via Regular Airmail which takes (10-15 days for order to arrive).

We have tried to work via fast courier delivery service but unfortunatley it’s not possible and is very high amount of risk that your order will be seized by customs of origin. 

Every parcel will be sent 100% with maximal discretion and after your parcel is on the way you will receive url link with tracking number and you can track your order anytime with realtime update!


Double check email address what you register at our online store because via that email 

we will do every communication with you!

“Our Online Store takes NO responsibility for lost orders, wrong deliveries because of wrong shipping information or product damage caused

 by the Postal Service.

Takes NO responsibility for confirming the importation requirements and regulations of the purchaser and the purchasers country of origin. 

All products are shipped:At full risk of purchaser!