How to use Post Cycle Therapy products? Steroid cycles make some changes in the process we use in the mechanism of our body. But how can we revitalize our body's system while maintaining our muscle mass after a steroid cycle? At this point, we benefit from three drugs. These are Nolvadex, Pregnyl and Clomid. We start the post cycle therapy period, which will start fourteen days after the last steroid use, by using these drugs. Nolvadex is taken every day in the morning and evening, two tablets are taken in the morning and evening, Clomid is taken in the morning and in the evening, pregnyl is shot three times with 1500 units five days apart, and in this way, our post cycle therapy period lasts 35 days. At the end of this process, our body regains its old hormonal balance. On a small note, we should leave at least three months between steroid courses. As you will see, all of the side effects are reversible in the correct use of steroid rates.